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Ms. Davis, our 1st grade teacher chaired the committee to plan our 2nd Annual S.T.E.M. Day.  The students were grouped by classes to participate in the many engaging activities that were planned. 

Kindergarteners and 1st graders engaged in physical science to make putty and oobleck.  They were ecstatic when it all came together.  Their faces showed genuine surprise when they saw that the ingredients they combined made a slimy, stretchy material that they could squeeze and manipulate.

2nd and 3rd graders engaged in an egg drop activity.  They designed a cushioned container of various materials; cushion filling, bubble wrap, balloons, paper towel, rubber bands, and tape to ensure that a raw egg contained within would not break when dropped from atop two flights of stairs. Their skills in technology and engineering were certainly put to the test.

The 4th and 5th graders engineered a structure of marshmallows and spaghetti to build structures. Their designs were as varied as they are themselves.  Some created hexagons, others used other shapes but careful thought went into every design. 

A visiting toxicologist shared with the 6th-8th graders about his career, the effect of drugs and the composition of food on the organs in the body. The students were able to ask questions and get relevant answers to their questions while performing investigations, analyzing the structure of a cell and identifying the organs of the body.

Index cards and tape were the materials provided to the 6th graders to create a structure that would support 15 pounds.  The students were very creative with their designs.  The teams worked together and were anxious to have their designs tested.  The winning design supported over 15 pounds. 

The 7th grade team poked and prodded fresh fruit to power up electronic devices.  They experimented with different variations of their configurations of the cords, fruit and device.  Their diligence to the task at hand as scientists was certain to pay dividends.
The central processing unit (CPU) of a computer was likened to the human body by the 8th graders.  Their task was to dissect and compare and contrast the makeup of the CPU with the human body.  Their task though great was met as they used their analytical skills as well as their ability to synthesize information in Science, Technology and Engineering.
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