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This year's Christmas play, THE FIRST LEON, showcased the musical and performing arts talent of Dupont Park Adventist School Students!  In this charming musical, we saw the Christmas story through the eyes of Leon, played by seventh grader, Benjy Fenner. Leon (Fenner) felt called to tell the world the true meaning of Christmas. But when he tried out for every role in the annual Christmas play, under the directorship of Mrs. Mosley (Hassina Samuel, 6th grader), he found out that he was the only one who didn't get a part. Rejected, Leon understood better than anyone how Mary (Brielle Simmons, 7th grader) and Joseph (Joshua Johnson, 7th grader) must have felt when they heard the words, “No room” that night in Bethlehem. Without really trying to, however, Leon (Fenner) did uncover the true meaning of Christmas when he identified the real Star of Bethlehem, Jesus Christ. This dramatic musical, directed by Christmas Play Extraordinaire, Mrs. Lisa Marshall (Third Grade Educator), and Ms. Linelle Andrew (Music & Performing Arts Educator)was a big hit, drawing a crowd of hundreds of people. It is our hope that each one of us will learn to make room for Jesus all throughout the year.

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