Dupont Park Adventist School

Academic Excellence and Spiritual Enrichment Since 1916


The Dupont Park Adventist School is nestled on the edge of the city in Southeast, Washington, DC, and surrounded by Fort Dupont Park, from which the school derives its name. This Christian institution is the only Seventh-day Adventist school in the nation's capital, and throughout its 103-year history, it has made a significant impact in the community and in the lives of the students who have matriculated through its hallowed halls. From this nurturing, caring environment have come generations of professionals, artist, technicians, leaders, thinkers and doers...prepared to serve in this world while preparing for the "world to come." 



Our Mission

Principally, we commit ourselves to excellence in preparing our students for the service of God's church, country, and community, and above all for eternity.


Our Vision

The vision of Dupont Park Adventist School is to graduate independent thinkers who take the lead academically, socially, and spiritually.


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